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Zack Pearson

Zack Pearson


Born in Roseburg, Oregon, Zack moved with his family to Bremerton when he was six. He grew up in Silverdale, attended Federal Way High School and is a graduate of the Gene Juarez Academy. For the past 10 years, he has lived in Tacoma, which he describes as his favorite city in the world for all the obvious reasons: the cool neighborhood, amazing people, great food, the thriving music and arts scene and that authentic blue-collar charm.

A gifted vocalist, musician and lyricist, Zack started the heavy-metal band Utterance in 2002. He gave up the performing life in 2010 to embark on a career in the beauty industry because he wanted a job that allowed him to continue expressing his creativity. But he still works as a DJ and works on his own music in his home recording studio.

Although he secretly identifies with Batman, Zack’s real hero and the love of his life is his wife Kate, whom he describes as the sweetest and most understanding person on the planet. They are the proud parents of two adorable daughters who were born exactly four years and two days apart. Talk about timing!

Zack still can’t understand why no one has invented a tool that sprays hair color on like a paint gun. Maybe some day, he will. In the meantime, his personal style icon is Bloody B of the Schorum Barbers in Rotterdam, Holland. Want to look like one of those guys? Call Zack.

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